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Sesenta y Ocho Voces, Sesenta y Ocho Corazones (also known as 68 voces), is a new initiative from Mexico’s government Fund for The Culture and Arts (FONCA) that seeks to elevate Mexico’s 68 indigenous languages by preserving their myths, legends, poems, and stories in the form of beautifully animated short films. Their goal is to foment pride amongst speakers of these languages, and respect among those who don’t, under premise that “nadie puede amar lo que no conoce” (no one can love what they don’t know.)

From 68 voces project web site:

Indigenous languages ​​encompass a unique view of life and world. With its disappearance, the worldview and cosmogony of each group is lost, losing an important part of humanity.
Based on the premise of "it cannot love what is unknown", this series of animated stories was created. Narrated in its own native language, its goal is to promote the pride, respect, and use of these indigenous Mexican languages ​​among native speakers, and non-native speakers.
At present, 364 language variants are spoken in Mexico, classified in 68 linguistic groups, and 11 linguistic families (INALI, 2008).
At least, one-half of these are in a state of "accelerated extinction."
In this series, seven of these 68 worldviews are portrayed: Huastec, Mayan, Mixtec, Nahuatl, Totonac, Yaqui y Zapotec, through the vision of seven writers and seven graphic illustrators.

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