Mapping fonts for dictionaries of Matica srpska

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These days we are very busy because we have received first two dictionaries from Matica srpska, "Ornitološki rečnik" (dictionary of names of birds in Serbian language area) and "Rečnik srpskih govora Vojvodine" (dictionary of Serbian dialects in Vojvodina) which, according to our project "Rečnik srpskih govora Vojvodine", shall be parsed and their material content separated to singular entries and uploaded to appropriate Wiktionary pages.

This is a huge content and it will greatly enrich content of Serbian Wiktionary. It will not take much time to finish this work as our software is already developed but we will have to make some modular expansions to it nevertheless.

But, first thing first. These dictionaries are made using some custom made fonts meant for more sophisticated language representation. But, this also mean we will have to map them to the set of fonts we can work with using our software. It is a tedious but necessary task so we can proceed with the work.